Wood Watches Review: What are the Best Wood Watches to Buy?

Are you looking for the best wood watches in the market? Well, you are in the right place.

Today, I want to do a quick wood watches review. I will focus on the types of woods that most manufacturers use to make these luxurious accessories.

But first, even before I go straight to the main subject of this article; who should buy wooden watches?

  • If you need a lightweight watch that is not heat sensitive, then these are the perfect accessories.
  • In case your skin is sensitive to certain types of leather or metal, you may consider wood watches.
  • It is mainly wood watches that provide the true taste of handcrafted accessories
  • For environmentally conscious individuals, wood watches make a true statement of their enthusiasm.

Below are some of the best wood watches you may consider:

1.      Bamboo Wood Watches

In case you need something that is simple, natural, stylish and classy then bamboo wood watches are a perfect choice. They come in many options and designs, depending on the unique specifications of the manufacturer.

You can choose a bamboo wood watch with a round style frame design with a strip-type time guider. Below is a good example:


Alternatively, you may also choose a polygon edge cut style watch frame with rhombus time guider. Here is a good example:

Wooden watches

Definitely, you will get a bamboo made wooden watch made from 100% natural bamboo wood that come in many shapes, styles and designs.

They may be engraved or have different customized graphics, depending on your taste and preference.

But, why bamboo watches?

Generally, bamboo wood is eco-friendly and sustainable. It only takes 2 to 4 years to grow to maturity.

Basically, this is good for our environment and the prosperity of the bamboos wooden watch industry.

Furthermore, bamboo wood watches have a good balance between aesthetics and durability. It is one of those woods with the best strength to weight ratio.

In fact, bamboo wood is superior to some metals. Even when you subject bamboo wood watches to high pressure and everyday use, they neither crack nor splint.

That is, watches made from bamboo wood can withstand every day wear and tear.

With virtually non-visible pores, easy to customize and polish for a smooth finish, you will still get the best bamboo wood watch at an affordable price.

For accuracy and consistency, the best bamboo wood watches use Citizen Miyota quartz movement, powered by the SONY SR626SW Battery. Of course, this should last for more than 24 months.

Broadly, you can choose from:

·         Bamboo Watches with Leather Band/Strap

A bamboo watch with leather strap is a true expression of luxury and class. It is an elegant wooden watch that is comfortable to wear with a natural feeling.

They come in mainly black or brown leather straps. A good example is the OwoodWatch 389BAB made from bamboo imported from Australia.

owoodwatch 389bab

OwoodWatch 389BAB

You can opt for any leather color of choice.

·         Bamboo Watches with Wooden Bands/Strap

Wood is a perfect alternative to the leather bands/straps in bamboo wood watches. Here, the band is made from bamboo wood.

A good example of bamboo watches with wooden strap is the OwoodWatch 049BAB watch.

OwoodWatch 049BAB watch

OwoodWatch 049BAB watch

The wooden strap is a perfect choice for people who are sensitive to leather straps. They are light weight and easy to resize – simply remove extra links.

Besides, they are lightweight and classy and they are made from 100% natural wood. You may opt for those engraved with different styles and designs.

In case you don’t like bamboo wood watches, another option is:

2.      Ebony Wood Watches

You can identify Ebony wood with its dense black color. It has fine texture and smooth finish after polishing.

One of the main challenges of these trees is the time they take to grow to maturity. It is approximately 60 to 200 years, which is not the case for other woods such as bamboo.

Now you can see why ebony wood watches, are slightly expensive. It is for this reason that companies adopt other eco-friendly mechanisms to get this precious hardwood.

Just in case you are looking for a watch with extremely high dense wood, then, this is a perfect choice for you. This is one of the best wood watches with a distinct black color alongside either few grayish or brown streaks.

I will not lie to you:

With ebony wood watches, you will definitely standout in the crowd.  This is the best wood watch brand that is rot resistant and durable.

Owoodwatch ebony wood watch with leather strap

Owoodwatch ebony wood watch with leather strap

Besides, they have a smooth, natural and shiny finish.

Furthermore, they come in different styles and designs. For instance:

  • Ebony wood watches have different frame designs such as round, edge cut style, polygon, square or oval. Honestly the frame design is virtually unlimited – you can custom make your own.
  • The time guiders are available in clear, classic luminous, fashion rhombus, luminous rhombus or strip style.

They are among the top wood watches that are luxurious, lightweight, elegant and comfortable. Have a look at these top selling ebony wood watches by OwoodWatch:

·         Ebony Wood Watch with Blue Panel (Series 229EBW)

For only $39.99, you get a comfortable and stylish ebony hardwood watch with leather straps. It comes with a luminous watch dial plate besides a mineral fortified glass watch lens.

Series 229EBW

Series 229EBW

Like other best wood watch brands in the market, it uses Citizen Miyota quartz movement and SONY SR626SW Battery.

·         Ebony Wood Grain Watch

Do you need an ebony wood watch with a date function?

Well, here is an ebony wood grain watch with an edge cut style frame, classic luminous time guider and a date function. Besides, it comes with ebony wood straps.

Series 039EBW

Series 039EBW

It is a popular ebony wood watch for men. Another model to consider in this best wood watches review is:

·         Ebony Wood Watch for Women (Series 209EBW)

At $45.99, you get a unique and classy ebony wood watch for women. It comes with date feature and bracelet ebony watch band.

Series 209EBW

Series 209EBW

It has a round frame design. For a fact the best ebony wood watch for women that is a perfect gift for your loves ones.

In case you don’t like either bamboo or ebony, proceed to my third best wood watches review:

3.      Maple Wood Watches

The new maple wood watches come in timeless designs. They are quite different from the regular watches available in the market.

Wood watch manufacturers can choose various species of maple trees to get suitable wood for their watches.

They can import maple wood from Asia, N. America, northern Africa and Europe. It depends on the type of maple wood needed for a specific wood watch.

When you look at various types of maple watches in the market, the colors vary from golden, off-white cream to reddish. This makes it a great wood in watch design.

Obviously, all these result in variations in the prices of maple wood watches.

Below are some of the best wood watches below $50 made from maple wood. They all use Citizen Miyota quartz movement and SONY SR626SW battery.

·         Engraved Maple Wood Watch (059MPW)

It is made of 100% natural maple wood with a clear round frame design. The time guide is a rhombus and dot luminous.

Furthermore, the watch panel of this engraved maple wood watch features a light wood texture panel.  Its straps are also made from maple wood.

Series 059MPW

Series 059MPW

Basically, this is a simple maple watch that is 100% handcrafted to make it natural, comfortable and lightweight. Besides, it has a date function too.

This is one of the best wood watches that cost $45.99.

Another interesting maple watch in my top best wood watches review in this category is:

·         Wooden Maple Wrist Watch (Series: 039MPW)

Can you see the difference between this watch and the one above? Well, first the color is quite different.

This is exactly what I mentioned earlier about the different maple woods.

Apart from the color, this maple wood watch features a classic luminous time guider with a light wood texture color panel. Besides, it has an edge cut style frame design and a date function.


Series: 039MPW

This is a simple, elegant and classy wooden watch with maple straps. It goes for only $39.99.

·         Maple Wood Watch for Men (069MPW)

At $36.99, you can get this oval flat style maple wood watch. It has a rhombus luminous time guider.

Besides, it has a date function too.

Series 069MPW

Series 069MPW

As you can see, it comes with a maple strap.

You should also remember that there are maple wood watches with leather straps. So, it is upon you to choose whether to go for leather or maple wood strap.

Remember, there are many maple wood watch designs out there. Simply choose one that meets your style and requirements.

4.      Red Sandal Wood Watches

Red sandal wood is popular for its exceptional rich red color and natural luster property that require “virtually” no polishing.

Moreover, the reach sandal wood has natural darker streaks within the wood grain.

Whether you need red sandal wood watches for men or women, you will get an elegant and classy timepiece.  The red sandal wood watches are carefully handcrafted to give a timeless design.

At times, red sandal wood watches may also feature ebony wood. This is a unique and stylish wood watch with unique black and red grain.

They are carefully crafted not only for an elegant look, but for durability. They are tough, resistant to impact and water.

For sure, a red sandal wood is a perfect gift you can ever offer to your loved ones. Whether you need a comfortable leather or red sandal wood strap, there are always many options to choose from.

Let’s have a quick look at the best wood watches brands in this category:

·         Woodwork Watch Made By Red Sandal Wood (049RSW)

A deep red wooden casing and strap with a brown wood texture color watch panel are indeed some of the main striking features of this watch.

Leave alone its polygon edge cuts that bring out the distinct red color and unisex design.

The classy luminous time guider and date functionality makes it one of the best red sandal wood watches of all generations. Again, for accuracy and consistency, it comes with Citizen Miyota quartz movement, SONY SR626SW Battery.


Series: 049RSW

For a fact, this is a luxurious and elegant timepiece for only $49.99.

·         Red Sandal Wood Watch with Leather Strap (139RSW)

The leather strap gives this red sandal wood a natural look. Just by looking at it, you get a cool, natural and simple feeling that blends seamlessly with every day wear.

The round frame design, red color leather strap and rhombus time guider give it a unique and distinct look. It also features Citizen Miyota quartz movement and SONY SR626SW Battery.


Series: 139RSW

Its wood texture watch panel and luminous dial plate further make it to resemble the vintage red sandal wood watches.

Next in wood watch review is:

5.      Verawood Watches

Verawood is an extremely dense wood that is popular for its range of color options. These may include:

  • Yellowish olive
  • Deep forest green
  • Dark brown to
  • Nearly black color

It is for this is reason that Verawood watches come in a range of colors. Furthermore, the Verawood watches have a fine texture with feathered pattern.

Below are a few examples:

Bracelet Verawood Watch series 049VAW

Bracelet Verawood Watch series 049VAW

Verawood Watch for Men Series149VAW

Verawood Watch for Men Series: 149VAW

Clearly, you can see the variation. Remember, these are 100% natural Verawood woods.

Like other best wood watches I have mentioned above, they feature Citizen Miyota quartz movement and SONY SR626SW Battery.

Furthermore, Verawood watches also come in different frame designs, dial plate and time guider. They also have leather or wood bands/strap.

Whether you want classy or vintage Verawood watches, you can get authentic, stylish, lightweight and comfortable design.

They are artsy wood watches for formal and informal wear.

This wood mainly comes from northern south and Central America. It is also unique for its fragrance.

Some of the top selling Verawood watches include

  • Branded Verawood Watches for Men (Series 149VAW)

Leather strap is a perfect alternative to Verawood wood band. This is exactly what you get by going for these branded Verawood watches for men.

Series 149 VAW

Series 149 VAW

Its main features include black leather, round frame design, brown wood color watch panel, mineral fortified glass and rhombus and circular time guider. It is a perfect choice for both formal and informal wear.

·         Wood Watches with Verawood Wood Band (Series 039VAW)

It features an edge cut style watch frame, luminous time guide, date function and brown wood texture color panel.

Series 039VAW

Series 039VAW

With a Verawood made wood watch band and structure, it looks natural and elegant.

My last wood watches review is also made from a unique wood:

6.      Zebrawood Wood Watches

Zebrawood is another eco-friendly wood with vintage and timeless look on every wood watch. It balances between natural look and sophistication, giving every zebrawood wood watch a unique appearance.

This wood is unique for its striped nature that resembles zebra. Depending on the specie, they are either cream or light brown with blackish streaks.

Zebrawood is a rot resistant wood with a coarse texture and interlocked grains.

Quite a number of zebrawood watches feature 100% natural wood. They are hand crafted to produce a fine and elegant finish.

Below are some of best wood watch brands made from zebrawood:

·         Personalized Groomsmen Gifts Zebra Wood Watch (Series: 099ZBW)

It features a zebrawood color panel, curved flat frame design and classic luminous time guider. Both the frame and band are made from zebrawood.

Zebrawood watch series 099ZBW

Zebrawood watch series 099ZBW

Furthermore, it features a Citizen Miyota quartz movement, SONY SR626SW battery with a mineral fortified glass.

·         Zebrawood Watch with Brown Leather (349ZBW)

In case you love a gear style watch, then the zebrawood watch series 349ZBW perfectly fits this category. It has a zebrawood texture panel and frame.

The classic rectangular time guider, date functionality, luminous dial plate and textured leather strap bring vintage and sophisticated look.

Zebra watch series - 349ZBW

Zebra watch series – 349ZBW

Like most wood watches in this category, it comes with Citizen Miyota quartz movement and SONY SR626SW battery with a mineral fortified glass watch.

Ideally, there are many wood watches in the market today that blend a range of feature. This wood watches review covers just a few.

They range from classy and simple look to vintage and subtle earthly vibe, depending on your unique requirements.

At OwoodWatch, we have hundreds of wood watches you can choose from. Please visit our OwoodWatch online store for more wood watch designs.


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