Where Can I Get a Watch Engraved?

Engraving your wood watch is a great idea.

However, having it meticulously handcrafted and designed to make a memorable statement matters a lot.

Well, I know of hundreds of companies that claim to custom engrave wood watches. But, the question is, do they have the necessary skills and expertise to engrave wood watches?

This is a fundamental issue you must consider when looking for where to get a watch engraved.

For the scope of this article, I am not going to direct you to store “A” or “B” to engrave a wood watch. Instead, I will focus on fundamental aspects that will make you personalize wood watch successfully.

Let’s go straight to the main subject of this article:

Choose a Reputable Wood Watch Maker

To have the best custom face wood watch, you must choose a reputable and reliable company with experience in engraving wood watches.

The company should adopt modern wood watch engraving techniques such as laser machine. Besides, it should precisely engrave the watch by incorporating personalized logos, images or letters.

This will all depend on how you want to custom engrave wooden watches.  For instance, here at OwoodWatch, we engrave different types of wood watches made from various woods.

Engraved wood watch

Engraved wood watch

In short, the reputation and experience of the company will play a significant role here. To get where to engrave your wood watch, simply do a random search on the internet.

You should use appropriate keywords to search for these companies on the internet. For instance, you can use search terms such as:

  • “Handcraft natural wood watches”
  • “Custom engraved wooden watches”
  • “Best wooden watches”

As a rule of thumb, get at least five companies, which you contact to know their capability and prices.

For example, my random search using the term “handcraft natural wood watches” had the following results on the Bing search engine:

Search results retrieved on 8th - Jan - 2018

Search results retrieved on 8th – Jan – 2018

From my search results, you can see other online marketplaces such as Alibaba and eBay. You should avoid these online market places – ensure you deal with the company directly.

Finding the right company can be a cumbersome process, but it is worth it.

Now, let me take you to another critical step:

Why Engrave Wood Watches?

There are three main reasons why you can decide to engrave a wood watch. These may include:

Wood watch

Wood watch

        i.            Using Engraved Wood Watch as Gifts

Engraving wood watch is a sure way of making it unique and classy. With a proper choice of letters or drawings, your wood watch will be elegant and classy.

The personalized messages make them perfect gifts for the loved ones. It is something they will cherish for many years.

Furthermore, they are a perfect choice for custom groomsmen gifts. You can engrave their names at the back end of the watch.

This alone will make them feel special and treasured, thereby bringing an emotional attachment to your wedding.

In most cases, engraving customized messages or names on the wood watches comes with emotional attachment.

Remember, it is the thought that determines the quality of a gift and not the price. As a matter of fact, people will always remember those who make them feel special, loved and cherished.

This is exactly engraving wood watches is for.

      ii.            Engraving Wood Watch for Marketing or Branding

Personalized wood watches are effective marketing and branding tools.  You can easily build brand awareness by selling engraved wood watches with your company’s logo.

Alternatively, you may give them out for free as a way of appreciating your clients.

Remember, many people love natural stuff – those that relate to nature. Wood watches are perfect choice when it comes to this.

For a fact, there are so many wood watches below $50, which you can use as opposed to other expensive advertising alternatives. Simply buy less expensive wood watches then engrave company logo or name on them.

    iii.            Custom Engraved Wood Watches Look Cool & Stylish

Who does not want to own unique and stylish wood watch?

Honestly, being unique is the desire of everyone and it is not costly to achieve this. You can get engraved wood watches with your logos for less than $50.

Depending on your needs, you may have unique logo, picture or letters. They will all act as your unique identity.

Moreover, this is also a sure way of owning trendy wood watch designs.

Remember, personalizing wood watches with logos or pictures goes beyond owning environmentally friendly, natural or chemical free watch.

Engraving wood watch is a rare kind of style that expresses a bleeding-edge fashion.

Still, to achieve all these, you must hire the services of a professional wood watch engraving company. A company that will let every mark on your watch count when it comes to its aesthetic value.

So, what are some of the best wood watch engraving message ideas?

Ideas for Engraving Wood Watches

Let me make this clear:

You can engrave virtually any image or pattern on the wood watches as long as they fit within the available space. So, even as you look for where to engrave a wood watch, here are some pattern ideas to consider:

        i.            Names of People Who will wear the Wood Watch

It is an easier and straightforward wood watch engraving idea. It does not require doing a lot of research or thinking.

For instance, the custom groomsmen gifts in most cases have full names or initials engraved on them. Furthermore, engraving names or initials is simple and not complicated hence affordable.

      ii.            Engraving Messages

Like the names, the message should reflect the occasion or recipients’ feelings. For example, in case you want custom engraved wooden watches for:

  • Birthday; you may have “Happy birthday father, son, daughter, John, Gladys, etc.”
  • Weeding; it may include a congratulatory message, wedding date, etc.

Alternatively, it may include favorite quotes, jokes or special statements that the recipient can relate to.

    iii.            Using Pictures

Engraving wood watches with pictures is more sophisticated and tends to be expensive. Again here, you will choose a picture that the recipient can relate to easily.

If possible, it should relate to the circumstances why you opted to offer the gift.

You can engrave these messages anywhere on the wood watch such as on watch strap, bezel, dial or casing.

As a rule of thumb, every decoration you engrave on the wood watch must have a meaning which the recipient can relate to.

So, how can you achieve all these?

You need a machine that can engrave wood watch without causing damage, interfering with wood grain or compromising on quality.

At the moment, laser engraving machine is common among wood watch makers.

What You Must Know about Wood Watch Laser Engraving Machine

Below is a video by Flash Laser of a laser engraving machine:

This is an effective machine that uses a light beam to create accurate and precise marks on wood watches. With a laser machine, you can achieve a range of fascinating designs on the wood watch without interfering with natural grain pattern on the wood.

It is easier to achieve intricate designs and patterns that are clear and accurate. Furthermore, the wood watch neither breaks nor chips during the process.

Basically, the working principle of laser machine for engraving wood watches is such a complex process. It is beyond the scope of this article.

However, here is a short summary on how it works:

  • Laser machine concentrates light that heats up the wood surface. It uses a series of lenses to achieve this.
  • The high temperature basically “evaporates” wood particles producing clear, smooth and clean cuts. For example, the smoke you can see coming from the above laser machine is a super-heated material.

Advantages of Wood Watch Laser Engraving Machine

Laser machines have the following key advantages:

  • Fast, clean and efficient process that does not leave behind saw dust like other engraving techniques.
  • There is no direct contact between the wood watch part and laser engraving tooling system. Therefore, the watch part does not experience unnecessary impact that can cause damage. Besides, the laser machine will also last for a long time.
  • With appropriate configurations, laser machine can engrave virtually all types of wood watches.
  • It is easier to engrave complex shapes since the laser machine has a software that controls the wood watch engraving process
  • It does not require the use of toxic chemicals that can damage wood grains

On the other hand, laser machines are expensive and use a lot of energy. Besides, they require proper training to operate, although modern machines are easy to operate.

In summary, laser machines are perfect machines when it comes to wood watch engraving process.

Therefore, whenever you are looking for where to engrave wood watch, it is critical to pay attention to the following:

  • Hire a reputable wood watch maker and engraving company
  • Choose the best wood watch design
  • Know why you want to engrave wood watch
  • Select an appropriate pattern
  • Ensure the company uses a good tool to engrave the wood watch

With all these in mind, you will definitely get value for your money.

At OwoodWatch, we have many custom made wood watches, from designing to engraving appropriate images, patterns and symbols. Visit our wood watch online store to learn more about our products.


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