On-trend Fashion – Why wood watch is essential

Why is wood watch becoming more trendy day by day? Is it simply because they’re elegant, reliable and functional? Or is it because of their rare looks, affordability and easy maintenance? Well, all of them are definitely a reason to have one. It provides you with an opportunity to wear something unique, unusual, and uncommon that adds a touch of class and sophistication to your wardrobe. Wearing a wooden wrist watch gives you that something extra. Whether your preferred look is ultramodern, formal, or more casual and natural, a wooden watch, in the right color tone with the right finish, can be a perfect accessory for any outfit. It is amazing that such a small item can make a substantial modification to your overall appearance. Wood watches are not only a mere style statement anymore but have become essential.

Health Issues

If you are having issues with metal against your skin, wood watches are the perfect alternative. Metal allergies can discolor the skin and cause severe irritation or rashes. Thanks to superior crafting processes and better finish formulas, artisans create the best wood watches out of chemical-free and non-toxic materials. Just to make sure that your contact with a wooden watch does not result in your having any injurious side effects. All wooden watches contain no metal, so anyone can easily wear a wooden watch, and even those with a nickel allergy as these are also nickel-free.

Wood watches are healthier than metal, aluminum and other kinds of watches. It also helps your body stay calm, and away from stress. Scientists have proven that concrete materials such as steel, aluminum or plastics change in size with heat. Concerns about temperature and climate’s effects on a watch often arise when we make travel plans that remove us from our daily surroundings. If you are a frequent driver or traveler, you might forget every now and again that there are external factors acting on your watch. With the wood watch, you need not worry. So, say goodbye to scorching hot metal watches in the summer. And don’t forget about the bad smell generated from your leather strap or metal bracelet. Wood watches are very effective and do not generate odors.


Wood is known not only for its beautiful appearance but for its durability and strong build up. Wooden watches are a one-of-a-kind accessory that you can wear for years to come. Not only are they durable for day to day use, but the longer you wear them, the better they look. Don’t get jealous but it’s a fact that unlike the owners, they just get better with age. Wood is an amazing material, and its colors and textures improve over time. As soon as you put on your watch, your skin’s natural oils gradually change the wood. Unlike metal watches that wear down over time, wooden watches actually look even better, the longer people wear them. Wood is a brilliant material that with the right care can look beautiful with minimal effort. Simply apply a dab of lemon or olive oil with a cotton cloth in brisk strokes. Then gently rub it in until there is no residue left. Your maintenance is done.

Love your nature

Finally, environmental enthusiasts have an accessory for them. You’re probably wondering how wooden watches help the environment, right? Watches made from materials such as bamboo come from sustainable forests, where every tree that is cut down is replaced by a new one that is planted.

Trend Fashion

Some wood watchmakers are even creating their own forest. Recycled wood has been used for making a watch. When you wear a wooden watch, you have something that is beautiful, durable, and one that is environmentally friendly too. Wood also has the natural tendency to store excess carbon dioxide from the air, so by wearing a wood watch, you are helping to remove these chemicals from the environment.


Despite most wood watches being hand-crafted, they are significantly cheaper than other watches out there in the market. No more racking up your credit card debt just to look stylish. While the watches come off as luxurious, the price tag surely isn’t. Wood watches are quite affordable, which has helped in its broad appeal for shoppers who are looking for unique accessories that are stylish, durable, and affordable.

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