Custom Watch Faces: Here’s How to Transform Your Timepiece Look & Style

With custom watch faces, you will look unique and classy. Besides, such personalized watches are also perfect gifts for loved ones.

Today, I want to share with some practical ideas on how to personalize wood watches by tweaking some features.

To do this effectively, you must know all components or feature on your watch’s face. Here are some of the most common features:

Zebra wood watch by OwoodWatch

Zebra wood watch by OwoodWatch

Remember, depending on the design of your watch, it may have more than 9 features on its face.

By changing any of these elements, you can easily have the best custom watch faces. Let’s see how to go about this process.

Customize the Wood Watch Dial

As you can see from the above image, this is the section of a watch that displays the time. It is the “plate” or “surface” where the numbers or indices rest.

In fact, the beauty of the watch depends on this section.

There are so many things you can adjust on the watch dial whenever you are trying to customize the wood watch face.

Let me discuss just a few:

·         Color of the Dial

You are at liberty to choose any type of wood. This implies that, the dial may have a different grain texture or color.

Compare these two:

Verawood watch

Verawood watch

Ebony wood watch

Ebony wood watch

Can you see the difference?

·         Change the Logo on the Wood Watch Dial

Apart from this, you can also change the logo on the watch dial. You can customize wood watch face using your name, company or signature of your choice.

Change logo on the dial

Change logo on the dial

It is one of the easiest ways to have custom watch faces.

·         How about the Position of the Date?

Well, this is also possible. In fact, you can do a lot when it comes to owning a personalized wood watch.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Change position of the date; this may require a lot of design work such as changing position of some gears in the watch’s movement mechanism.
  • Choosing from different geometrical shapes such as square, rectangle, rhombus, circle, etc.

Do you like a Wood Watch with Sub dial?

This is basically a small dial within the main dial. In most cases, they are common in wood watches with other functionalities such as the chronograph or tide.

Such types of wood watches have more sophisticated and stunning look. You can compare the Zebra wood watch below with the above watches:

Three sub dials

Three sub dials

In addition to these, you may also include a watch dial ring.

Compare the watch dial with the 4 watch dials above and this one:

Wood watch with a dial ring

Wood watch with a dial ring

The watch dial ring is in the form of small “lines” or “dots” that surround the edge of the main dial. They not only add aesthetic value to the watch dial, but also indicate minutes and seconds, depending on the watch hand.

So, you can have custom watch faces with or without dial ring.

Still on the wood watch dial, you can also customize the time guider or makers. First, you are at liberty to choose from geometrical shapes such as round, rhombus, classic rectangular etc.

Alternatively, you can also have numbers. They look great on wood watches.

Furthermore, you may have a luminous time guider. Remember, you can also have a luminous dial.

Ebony wood watch with rhombus luminous time guider

Ebony wood watch with rhombus luminous time guider

This implies that, you can still see the correct time even in the absence of light.

As you can see, there are many features that you can include on your watch dial to make it unique. Just contact your wood watch manufacturer and they will do it for you.

Normally, a custom face wood watch will cost you extra dollars. If that will make your time piece more valuable then go ahead and do it.

Apart from the wood watch dial, you can also have custom watch faces by choosing unique hands.

Let’s see how this works.

How to Choose Unique Wood Watch Hands

Hands are critical parts of a watch. In fact, whether you opt for a Swiss movement or Japanese movement, by the end of it all, the expectation is to see the watch hands move.

Typically, a watch will come with the following three main hands:

  • Hour hand; always the shortest and wide
  • Minute hand; has a moderate thickness and length
  • Second hand; in most cases, it is the longest and thinnest among the other two

Below is an example:

Maple wood watch

Maple wood watch


Again, in some wood watch designs, there could be more hands such as:

  • Tide hand
  • Chromatograph hand
  • Dual time hand
  • Day and date hands

In short, the main function of hands is to indicate the time and other parameters.

Like the dial, personalizing these hands is one of the best wooden watch ideas. Changing hands is a sure way of having the best custom watch faces.

For instance, you can choose from any of these shapes:

Examples of watch hands

Examples of watch hands

In short, at this stage, your main focus will be on shape, size and design of the watch.

Apart from this, you may also opt for the luminous hand watch. This feature is handy when using a timepiece at night.

You do not need light to know the exact time. Here is a good example of such watches:


Rolex Explorer – Photo credits: SJX

Depending on the design, the watch may have the luminous property on all its hands or just the hour and minute hand only.

In short, just take your time to get suitable hands for the best personalized wood watch.

To have the Best Custom Watch Faces You Must Consider the Casing

There are many designs of wood watch casing and designs. It is this casing that houses all the components of a wood watch.

That is the wood watch band, crystal, hands, dial, movement mechanism, etc.

Like other parts and components, there are so many features you can change to have the best custom wood watch face. Let’s review some of them:

·         Wood Watch Casing

Custom watch faces depend on the design and structure of the casing.

First, you can choose one made of 100% wood like this one here:

Wood casing

Wood Casing

Generally, there are over 6 different types of wood watches to choose from. Some common examples include:

  • Bamboos wood watches
  • Ebony wood watches
  • Maple wood watches
  • Red sandal wood watches
  • Verawood watches
  • Zebrawood watches

Follow this link to learn more about the best wood watches in the market.  You can choose wood with wavy, irregular, straight, spiral, diagonal or interlocked grains.

Besides, there are over 100 species of woods that come in different colors. So, just focus on the most important features of wood watches and you can easily customize this timepiece.

Alternatively, you may go for one with both wood and metal. For instance, you can look at this:


A stainless steel and wood watch – Photo credits: BIJOUX

Apart from the choice of material, another critical aspect that you can use to personalize wood watch is the design. You can choose from the various geometrical shapes such as round, square, rectangle, etc.

Furthermore, you can also opt for wood watches with special designs. These could be engraved wood watches.

By engraving wood watch, your timepiece can have unique patterns and designs. Through this, your wood watch will become the focal point in any style.

·         Watch Crown

It is the watch crown that controls the hands of the watch. Depending on the type of movement, the crown may perform a wide range of functions.

For example:

  • Quartz movement watches; you will use crown mainly to set date and time.
  • Mechanical movement watches; use the crown to wind the watch (give the watch energy by tightening the coil). It is this coil that replaces the battery in quartz watch. Again, you can use it to set date and the time too.

Read this article to learn more about watch movements: Quartz vs. Mechanical: An Ultimate Guide to Watch Movement.

Again here, you have two options – choose a metal or wooden crown. In both cases, the crown may feature different designs.

More importantly, the design should ensure sufficient grip since it is the only way you can set time or wind the watch.

Furthermore, just next to the crown or on the opposite side, the wood watch may have a pusher. You will use it to activate various secondary functions of the watch.

Wood watch with a pusher

Wood watch with a pusher – Photo credits: The Hip-hop Collection

The pushers are common in watches with more than one dial i.e. main and sub dial as you can see in the example above.

In short, you can also focus on this for the best custom watch faces.

·         Wood Watch Lug

This is what links the main frame of the wood watch casing to the wrist band. You can choose one with round corners or sharp corners.

Normally, their designs depend on the wood watch frame or casing. Just ensure it is strong enough to hold the strap.

Remember, its design is also critical in personalizing wood watch. You can review all the various types of wood watches in this article to see the difference in style.

·         Wood Watch Bezel

As you can see from the first image in this article, this is the section of the watch face that surrounds the crystal.

With proper design of the bezel, it is easier to have the best custom watch faces. They come in different designs and configurations such as:

  • Engraved wood watch bezel; it may have writings, decorations, etc.
  • Rotating or fixed bezel; such designs are handy in timing
  • Smooth and round or gear-shaped bezel

In short, you can choose virtually any design to personalize wood watches.

·         Watch Crystal

A watch crystal is the transparent protective layer that covers the dial. Again here, you have three options to choose from and they include:

  • Acrylic crystal
  • Mineral crystal
  • Sapphire crystal

Choosing the right crystal will ensure the surface remains scratch free hence all your customized design on the dial will remain visible.

As I conclude, it is important to note that these are ideas you can consider to have custom face watches.

It does not imply that you modify everything on your wood watch – it will definitely be very expensive. Just make simple adjustments for your wood watch to be unique and stylish.

Now it is your turn:

Do you have any ideas on how to personalize wood watches, which you would like to share with us? Feel free to use the comment section below.

At OwoodWatch, we design and make a range of wood watches with Citizen Miyota quartz movement. Visit our online wood watch store or contact technical team to learn more about our products.

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