Buy Men’s Watches Online: The First Top 11 Features You Must Consider

There are many people who buy men’s watches online, but later complain of quality, style and functionality. I do not wish you be part of that group.

That is why today, I am going to share with you 11 main features you should look for in any wood watch.

1.      Consider Uniqueness

I know you would like to have the best wood watch in the market. Therefore, you should go for a wood watch that is unique and fashionable with a naturalistic twist.

Any time you want to buy men’s watches online, do not go for a thick and ugly wood that resembles an old toy. Or that poorly handcrafted watch.

For sure, that will be a waste of money.

Trust me, when it comes to uniqueness, wood watches for men are always my number one choice.

Take for example; can you imagine these watches are made from Vera wood?

Verawood watch

Verawood watch

Normally, wood watches offer a unique style. This is why you will rarely find wood watches for men with the same design, especially when it comes to wood structure.

Even when they are cut from the same wood, you will realize there is a slight difference in pattern, shape and direction of grain. Of course, even the color may also be different like in the case of maple wood with over 128 species available.

The wood grain, which is the pattern you will see on the surface of your wood watch come in different shapes. For instance, you may have a wood watch with wavy, straight, diagonal, interlocked, spiral or irregular grains.

Besides, the color being yet another factor that defines the uniqueness of a timepiece, you may have black, cream, brown, greenish, etc.

Frankly, natural wood offers unlimited designs with unique wood patterns. Whether you want a vintage or contemporary wood watch for men, you can easily get it online.

Just take your time to get a wood watch that is unique and stylish.

2.      Style and Design

I am sure you are not looking for a device that can indicate time. After all, even a smartphone can do this.

Certainly, you need a stylish and smart looking wood watch for men. It should have a natural feel and look.

From the watch panel, frame design to time guider, the wood watch should have a good craftsmanship.

You should go for a wood watch for men that draw inspiration from things you can relate to. Whether it is the old navigation instruments, landscapes or natural phenomenon, you will always find an emotional attachment with your timepiece.

Classy wood watch

 Moreover, the wood watches designers can also include different woods to make them look more versatile, sophisticated and stylish. Normally, mixed wood watches are luxurious, stylish and unique.

That is, you may opt for men wood watches with zebra wood and black sandalwood. You can even opt for personalized designs.

I am sure the designer will be more than willing to this.

In addition to these, you can also opt for wood watches for men with leather or wood straps. Again, this also brings a unique sense of style.

Watch with leather strap

Watch with wood strap

I can tell you for free; when you buy men’s wooden watches online, there are unlimited styles and designs at your disposal.

3.      Type of Wood

You cannot talk about style and uniqueness without mentioning what exactly contributes to this – type of wood. I know there are many types of wood watches for men out there that come in different styles, unique qualities and wood types.


Six types of woods for making watches

Even as you shop for the best wood watches for men online, it is important that you know the various characteristics of woods. Below are some of the most common types of woods that are used to make watches:

Rosewood; this wood has an interlocked grain pattern with a reddish brown color and either darker or lighter streaks. It is both highly lustrous and durable.

Maple wood; if you want to buy men’s watches online with straight or wavy grain pattern, then this wood is a perfect choice for you. They come in many color options such as white, cream, golden hue or reddish.

Maple has high luster with an average durability.

Koa; Koa wood watches are golden or reddish brown in color with either wavy or slightly interlocked grain pattern. Just like maple wood, they have a high luster and medium durability.

Ebony; Are you looking for a highly durable and lustrous wood watch for men? Then ebony wood watches are a perfect choice for you.

Ebony wood watches are popular for the straight grain pattern with a black color that has dark brown streaks.

Verawood; Verawood watches for men come in a range of colors such as dark brown, black, pale yellowish, olive to deeper forest green.  Besides, their spiral, slightly interlocked or straight grain pattern.

These watches are both highly lustrous and durable.

Teak; you may confuse these watches with those made from maple wood. Teak wood has golden or medium brown color with either wavy or straight grain pattern.

Even though the wood is very durable, it has a low luster.

Walnut wood; the color ranges from light pale brown to dark chocolate with dark brown streaks that has either irregular or straight grain pattern.

Although the watches are very durable, the lustrous properties are medium.

Bamboo; the colors vary from almond white to pale yellow with straight grain patterns. The bamboo watches are highly lustrous and they are not highly durable like ebony or verawood.

Sandalwood; sandalwood watches for men are durable with either straight or wavy grain patterns. They come in a wide range of colors that range from green, black to red, with either brown or dark black streak.

It is highly lustrous but not as verawood and ebony.

Zebrawood; zebrawood watches are popular for their light brown or cream color with either brown or dark black streaks. They have wavy or interlocked grain pattern.

They are highly durable, but not as rosewood, verawood, walnut, teak or ebony. Furthermore, their lustrous properties exceed that of walnut, but lower than that of verawood and ebony.

In short, as you evaluate wooden watches for men, it is important to know the type of wood you are buying.

4.      Evaluate the Finish

When it comes to the wooden watches for men, finish is also a critical aspect you must consider. Therefore, you have to evaluate the grain pattern, texture and luster properties of each wood.

The best wooden watches for men should have a polished and fine finish. The skilled craftsmanship should be evident just by looking at the wood watches for men.

For a fact, there is nothing that irritates like a wooden watch with a dull and rough finish. Basically, this is clear evidence carelessness on the wood watch manufacturer’s side.

Avoid such watches at all cost. They will not last for long.

With a proper wooden watch finish, you can get nearly all accents that match with belts, shoes or even eye wear.

Another important aspect you need to consider before buying men’s watches online is the:

5.      Type of Movement

This is the mechanism that moves various arms of your best wooden watches. Broadly, we have the:

  • Quartz movement; in this type of movement, the second hand of the wooden watch move in a tick-tick motion.
  • Mechanical movement; for these types of movements, the second hand of the watch move in a smooth and sweeping motion.

As a matter of fact, quite a number of wood watches for men on sale come with a quartz battery movement.

Quartz movement is popular due to the following main reasons:

  • Few moving parts
  • Extremely reliable and accurate
  • Long battery lifespan
  • Cheaper than mechanical

In addition to these, shopping for a quartz wooden watch alone is not enough. You must also choose the type of quartz movement.

Here is one trick:

Never buy a wooden watch for men where the manufacturer does not specify the type of quartz movement.

I can recommend either the Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement or Swiss Quartz Movement. The wood watches manufacturers will always specify the type of the movement.

The Swiss Quartz Movement is more accurate and expensive than the Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement.

In short, you must choose a wood watch with a suitable movement. I can recommend wood watches for men with the Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement.

6.      Varieties of Wood for Men on Sale

I don’t like a situation where you find manufacturers with a few wood watches for men on sale. You will obviously have limited options at your disposal to choose from.

For example, at OwoodWatch, there are over 100 designs of wood watches made from 6 different types of wood. With such a collection, I am sure you will get any design of wooden watch be it for formal or casual wear.

In fact, you will get the best wood watches for all your unique fashion and style.

7.      Wood Watch Crystal

Before you buy men’s watches online, you must evaluate its crystal. This is because it will be unfortunate to buy a wood watch for men with the best finish, but with the worst crystal.

In most cases, the wooden watch will have the following three types of crystals:

  • Acrylic crystal; Acrylic material is susceptible to scratches even though they are tough and durable. It is for this reason that you will find acrylic crystals on cheap wood watches.
  • Mineral crystal; this material can break, although it is scratch resistant. Remember, these are glass materials with tempered formulations.
  • Sapphire crystal; it is the most expensive wood watch crystal. This crystal is extremely hard, highly transparent and scratch-resistant.

In short, in most premium wood watches for men, you will find sapphire crystals or mineral crystals. Again, ensure the manufacturer is specific on the type of crystal of your wood watch.

8.      Don’t Forget Warranty is Key

Whenever you are shopping for the best wooden watches for men online, you must ensure that it has a warranty.

First, a warranty is a clear indication that the company trusts and believes in their craftsmanship.

Two, just in case the wood watch develops some problems you can conveniently return it to the manufacturers. They can either repair or replace it for you thereby saving you from unnecessary expenses.

9.      Is the Wrist Adjustable?

A good wood watch should have an adjustable band. In most cases, quite a number of leather bands have enough holes that can fit any wrist.

But still, if it does not fit properly, you can always make a hole easily.

Even watches with the wood band should allow for making the necessary adjustments to fit your wrist. You should avoid companies claiming that their wooden watches can be worn loose.

10.  Additional Functionalities

Apart from indicating time and stylish nature of the wood watch for men, what other functionalities does it offer?

Well, this will depend on the design of your watch. Here are a few you can consider:

  • Display date or date and month; there are those that display both date and month. Here is a good example.

Wood watch that displays date

Wood watch that displays date

  • Ability to view time in the dark or at night without illuminating

These are wood watches that have luminous hands. The hands tend to glow at night, thus you do not necessarily need light for a clear view.

Luminous hands and display

Luminous hands and display

  • Stop watch feature or chronograph

Such wood watches have an extra hand that can run and stop independently. These may include independent second, minute or hour hands.

To achieve this, such watches have extra buttons specifically for the stop watch feature.

  • Digital and analog features

Quite a number of wood watch manufacturers have adopted these two technologies. You can get either an analog or digital wood watch.

  • Splash proof

Wood watches are mainly splash proof. You should not confuse this with waterproof.

In most cases, you will see wood watches with the mark “3 ATM”. Wood watches with this mark are basically splash resistant.

Thus, they can withstand rain, hand washing or occasional contact with water.

It is important that you get clarification about this from the wood watch manufacturer. For instance, you will see 30m 3atm, 50m 50atm or 100m 10 atm.

11.  Environment Sustainability

If we cut trees, especially the rare species like ebony that take 60 to 200 years to grow to full maturity, we will be unfair to the future generations.

This is why I recommend that you must buy wood watches from a company that also strives to conserve our environment. That is, the company must be involved in a campaign or program to ensure we do not deplete our precious woods.

For instance, they should plant trees or support the Word Wildlife Fund. This way, we will have a sustainable environment.

In summary, these are the main factors you should consider when buying men’s watches online. With all these in mind, I am sure you will get quality and reliable wood watches.

For any questions or inquiries about wood watches, feel free to contact OwoodWatch team for free consultations.

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