Best Wood Watch Design Ideas for Custom Groomsmen Gifts

Are you looking for unique custom groomsmen gifts?

Well, you can try personalized wood watches. They come in a range of designs and styles that blend well with nearly all fashions.

Fully handcrafted from various natural woods, they not only show time but are also unique and classy. Wood watches portray a natural feeling, making them the focal point of any style.

Before I explore various wood watch design ideas, let me take you through this important step:

What to Consider Before Buying Best Wood Watches for Groomsmen

I want to take you through 5 fundamental aspects to consider before buying any gift for groomsmen. This will help you to make a wise decision even as you evaluate the various types of wood watches.

Now, let’s get straight to the point:

·         Have a Budget

Whenever you are planning to buy custom groomsmen gifts it is important to have a realistic budget. I am saying this because personalized groomsmen gifts tend to be slightly expensive.

This is because it must have unique features that will distinguish it from the standard items within its category.

Wood watch

Wood watch

For example, you can have a good wood watch for less than $50 (standard design) while others may cost over $100 (personalized designs). All these will depend on the various features of wood watches you intend to include in the standard designs.

I will discuss some of these features later in this article.

Apart from the budget, another factor to consider is:

·         Know the Personality of the Recipient

You need to know what the recipient loves and appreciates most. Do not find yourself in a situation where the recipient will only say thank you just for the sake of it.

Buying custom groomsmen gifts without knowing the personality of the recipient is a waste of money.

By knowing the recipient’s hobbies and interests, you can easily make the right decisions when buying custom groomsman gifts.

With these two points in mind, let’s now explore wood watch design ideas for groomsmen gifts.

Wood Watch Designs for Custom Groomsmen Gifts

This should not be any wood watch that shows time. It should define the groomsman’s personality and depict good craftsmanship in the watch industry.

Let it be wood watches that the groomsmen will find themselves emotionally attached to. I mean a wooden watch that has some meaning in their lives.

So, how do achieve this?

·         Choose a Suitable Wood

The truth is that there are hundreds of wood species to choose from. This implies that irrespective of the groomsmen varying personalities, there is that one watch wood that will serve this purpose.

In one of my previous articles on Wood Watches Review, I did discuss a range of factors about different types of woods. Please read that article, it is quite handy as you shop for the best wood watches for groomsmen.

For example, you can choose from the following 6 types of woods:

The good news is that even these woods are available in different varieties. For example, Verawood is available in yellowish olive, deep forest green, dark brown to black.

Here is a practical example:

Can you image these are Verawood watches:

Verawood Watch

Verawood Watch

Verawood Watch 2

Verawood watch

When you compare the two watch faces, what do you notice?

In short, before you buy any custom wood watches for groomsmen, you must know their features and characteristics. These may include:

  • Grain pattern which may include interlocked, straight, wavy, etc.
  • Type of streaks such as lighter, darker or any other color
  • Durability
  • Color options

With all these, I am sure you will get the best watches for groomsmen.

·         Watch Made from One or More Types of Woods

This is another technique that most companies that make custom wood watches use to make custom groomsmen gifts.

That is, the manufacturer may make a watch that is made from only one type of wood. For example, this is red sandalwood:

Red sandalwood

Red sandalwood

Both the face of the watch and strap are made from one type of wood.

On the other hand, there are those that feature more than one type of wood. Normally, this produces unique and stylish timepieces.

So, the bottom line here is that you need to explore all wood options to get the best wood watch for a custom groomsmen gift. You can visit The Wood Database to learn more about different types of woods.

Next, it is now time to include unique marks or graphics of the wood watch. This is what you should do:

·         Engrave Wood Watch for a Unique & Stylish Design

You must be careful here.

Why do I say so?

First, by choosing an engraving tool that is not appropriate, you are likely to damage the whole wood watch. This will be costly for you.

As a rule of thumb, you need to hire a watchmaking company with experience in wood watch engraving. Not any company you see online can make custom engraved wood watches for men.

In today’s wood watch engraving industry, laser engraving machine is common among most companies. This is because laser engraving is fast, clean and efficient.

Besides, it can produce complex shapes and still leave the clear image, without the need for any chemicals.

Second, do you have an idea of what you want to engrave on the wood watch?

Well, it is important you choose something that the groomsmen can relate to. This will make the wooden watch a perfect custom groomsmen gift.

I have some ideas for you:

·         Engrave Groomsman’s Name

You can engrave the names of the groomsmen. This is the best way to personalize wood watch for groomsmen.

In most cases, you can engrave either on the watch dial or back.

Depending on the size of the wood watch you can engrave 1 to 3 characters on the dial and 8 to 12 characters on the back.

If it happens that the name cannot fit, then using initial can be a better option.

·         Engrave Messages

You can choose the groomsman’s favorite quote or a message that he can relate to. This can either symbolize the occasion or important event in his life.

·         Consider Engraving Pictures

This is also another option of having unique custom groomsmen gifts. Again, here the picture should have some meaning to the groomsman.

Once you accomplish all these, your custom engraved wood watch will almost be ready.

Just remember this critical point:

·         Pay Close Attention to the Features of the Wood Watch

Here, I will not focus on the outer appearance of the watch (casing). Instead, my main focus will be what exactly is the wood watch custom groomsmen gift?

Let me highlight some important factors you must consider:

·         Wood Watch Movement

You can choose from either Quartz or Mechanical watch movements. So, this is the truth when it comes to watches movements:

For groomsmen who value accuracy and battery powered watches, you go for quartz movements. When it comes to groomsmen who enjoy winding watches and craftsmanship in the industry, you can buy them mechanical movements.

·         Type of Wood Watch Straps

As custom groomsmen gifts, you can choose watches with either leather or wood strap.

Wood watch with leather strap

Wood watch with leather strap

Red sandalwood

Wood watch with wood strap

You should know the watch band length and width. This will ensure you buy best wood watches for groomsmen that fit perfectly on their wrist.

Other components to consider include:

  • Date/month indicator
  • Time guider/maker
  • Lens/crystal
  • Bezel
  • Dial
  • Hands

By customizing all these, you will have the best-personalized watches for groomsmen.

I know this task can be overwhelming. It is for this reason that you must cooperate with a reputable watchmaker to get the custom designed and engraved wood watches for men.

Remember, once you personalize wood watch, your warranty may only be limited to the watch movement. In fact, you may not return the watch for any refund.

So, be sure to check the terms and conditions the watchmaker offers whenever you are buying custom made wood watches.

When it comes to customizing wood watches for men, paying attention to every detail is critical. This is the only way you will ensure that everything is done the right way.

Wood Watch Customizing Time Frame

There are a number of factors that determine the time frame within which you will get the wood watch fully customized as groomsmen gifts.

Designing unique watch casing and engraving pictures may take longer that engraving name on the back casing. This implies that, a more complex and sophisticated customization procedure will definitely take longer.

In most cases, engraving names or initials on either the dial or the back of the watch should take no more than 7 working days.

Furthermore, the cost of engraving wood watch will also depend on the complexity of the procedure.

I know making up your mind to go for the wood watch as custom groomsmen gifts can be a difficult decision. But, you should remember that nothing expresses the value of such a special occasion than the personalized watches for groomsmen.

It is something they will always live to remember.

Here at OwoodWatch, we design and make a range of standard and custom-made watches. We use high-quality wood, parts, and components.

As a company whose philosophy is based on sustainable watchmaking process, we donate $1 to the WWF for every successful order. You can visit our online wood watch store to learn more about our products.


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